Unable to identify element in fingerprint verification screen on Android 11

We have a use case where the user has to authenticate the app by providing their biometric. Since fingerprint auth could not be automated we used the alternative option (shown in the same ‘verify fingerprint’ dialog) to ‘Use PIN’. We used to start the Appium server in relaxed security mode and it worked fine for Android 10 or lower devices.

However, this has now stopped working in Android 11. It seems the secure screen identification itself is not happening via Appium Inspector (which works fine in the previous Android versions).

Is the community aware of any workarounds which can unblock me?

Can you inspect this screen any other way e.g. inspector from Android studio?

Hi @Aleksei, thanks but no luck. The layout inspector could not capture the secure screen. I noticed below warning not sure if it’s related:

Unable to set the global setting: "debug_view_attributes_application_package" to: "com.demo"  Error: Exception occurred while executing 'put': java.lang.SecurityException: Permission denial: writing to settings requires:android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS at com.android.providers.settings.SettingsProvider.enforceWritePermission(SettingsProvider.java:2393)

Ask dev to remove it with debug test build. No other way.

OK thanks will check.