Unable to identify elements in Appium inspector instead of one element whole panel type of area is selecting

Unable to identify elements in Appium inspector instead of one element whole panel type of area is selecting when I click on menu I want to select on element from the menu which comes from left to right.

Please help me so that I can find a single element’s xpath right now whole panel is getting selected in appium inspector. this is on android.
Solution I tried it does not work:-
1.capabilities.setCapability(“enableMultiWindows”, true);


Try https://github.com/appium/appium-uiautomator2-driver#elements-cannot-be-found

Actually, element is not selectable on appium inspector what should I do for that? I add appium:ignoreUnimportantViews boolean true in capabilities still whole blue panel is selected not individual element.

Ask app developers to make it more accessible?

Tell developers to make this setting for certification and make app debugging.

To allow your app to trust user-added CAs for multiple domains, include something like this in your Network Security Config.

userCaDomain.com otherUserCaDomain.com

This is webView. Why not try switch context to it?
Also you can check to connect with Chrome browser to it (to see that webView debuggable).

Greetings for the day!!
Yes, I wrote code like this
Set contextNames = driver.getContextHandles();
for (String contextName : contextNames) {
System.out.println(contextName); //prints out something like NATIVE_APP \n WEBVIEW_1
driver.context(“WEBVIEW_chrome”); // set context to WEBVIEW_1
But I want to know how should I inspect that element which are in menu. I got your point that web view is there but in appium inspector what should I do to find element id or xpath. This code I will write it will help me when I will run program but right now I need to find xpath or any other field so that I can write click method for it. Might be I am confusing but in short I need help for the steps by which I can get xpath or resource id etc so that after the given code I can write click code.
Steps like these:-

  1. Open app with capabilities using appium inspector.
  2. Set native mode in appium inspector.
  3. Click on menu and refresh page.
  4. Inspect one item from menu.
    On this stage I can see whole panel not individual item is selectable that I can inspect.
    Please update steps what I have to do to inspect element on web view using appium inspector.

sorry. i do not use Appium inspector. your webView better try inspect with chrome.
in Appium inspector try to check any setting to open WebView…

@harrypjohn were you able to solve this issue ?

I am also facing same issue. Have any solution please suggest