Unable to identify elements in Hybrid Apps using name/other locator in Appium Version 1.7.2


I am trying to automate a hybrid application and i can able to view the text, Class name and Package name in the UI Automater. But unfortunately there are is no ID for those elements. So when automating if i give the ID as locator then it properly works. But when giving the locator as Name, then it is not working. I see that has been deprecated

Can someone Please let me know how to click on the element which does not have Resource ID in an Hybrid App?

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Hi, we are using accessibilityLabel to find elements in our hybrid app.

Thanks. Now it is working for me. I am using CSS Selector, accessibility Label and Xpath for finding the elements


In the latest version of appium, inspector shows web view elements as native components(android)
It’s recommended the use actual objects(#id, css, xpath…)inspecting through Chrome dev tools instead of native elements

You skipped using resource id? @dinesh