Unable to identify the elements using uiautomator

Hi All,

I am working on Android, I am unable to find the child element using Uiautomator viewer or Android tools. On the app there are some links in the link that i need to identify. it is very urgent.Please help me out on the same.

Please share the screenshot of your UIAutomator viewer.

Please find the attachment. Here the element “By signing up you confirm that you accept our Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions” This has the id. But the links inside it doesn’t have any id. I need to click on it and assert the text.

Please provide uix extension file of the same screenshot so that i can open it in UiAutomator viewer.

what is uix extn? how to find it in the file

Whenever you save the mobile screen in UIAutomator with the help of save option at the top left corner of UIAutomator that screenshot will save with a uix extension file.
Send me that file so that i can open your screen shot in my UIAutomator viewer.

The problem is you are trying to click on a link inside a text field. UIAutomator doesn’t give us any easy way to do this. If there were just one link in the text, you could click on the text element.

yes, you are right…what is the other approach to test this?

I should have said, UIAutomator doesn’t give us any way to test this.

A hackish way is to get the coordinates of your text window and guess where the two links are so you can tap that location, but that will likely break on differently sized devices.

ok…thanks Willosser. So this can’t be automated???

Hi @slakshmiics

Did you checked whether it is native app or hybrid app. if it is hybrid app and the page which you are trying to automate having webview, you can not get the elements using UIAutomator.

Try using Chrome remote debugger, you will get the webelements.

Hope this will help.


It is an native app, is there any tool to identify the elements other than uiautomator and android tool.

Hi @slakshmiics

Can you provide the screen shot with XML dump files captured from UIAutomator.