Unable to inspect elements on android mobile appliction using ui automator viewer

I am working on automating mobile application using Selenium/Java with appium.I tried to inspect elements inside frame using ui automator.But i am not getting it.Can someone give me a suggestion on how to handle the elements inside frame

Please share screenshot.

I am not able to inspect email and password elements.It looks like it is inside frames.How to handle these elements and also how to get frame id using ui automator?

Go through this

Revert if still its not working.

Got it. It is working now.Thanks Amit :slight_smile:

Welcome Vasuki

You can also take adb dump in order to find full xml of current activity in android and get locators by pulling this through xml file. uiautomatorviewer does the same internally.
Source: https://youtu.be/wjEWRMbPk1Q

How did you resolve this issue?