Unable to inspect react-native-picker for both Android and IOS

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I am trying to select an expiry date in the date picker component . But I am unable to see the android tags corresponding to the date picker in Appium inspector and UIAutomatorViewer. The app source looks like below

After the last android.view.ViewGroup tag , nothing is displayed for date picker in inspector.

As a workaround , we asked the developer to set ids for ‘Cancel’ and ‘Confirm’ buttons . So that atleast we can select first date and proceed . But the developer informed that the date picker is coming from reactive-native-picker library. So they are unable to set any ids inside for the ‘Cancel’ and ‘Confirm’ buttons.

Developer informed date picker in opened in Native context only.

Please find the xml source which copied from inspector . There is no mention of the date picker element

Try https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/react-native-accessibility

Thanks for your reply . But the above blog explains reactive-native development, There is no mention of Appium inspector or picker anywhere

If developers don’t do the work to make the app elements visible to Appium then there isn’t really a way to use Appium for automation.

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This has nothing to do with Appium at all. One could use any accessibility inspector for Android and observe the same result. If the particular app or component is not accessible then no automation script could help to fix that.

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