Unable to install ipa file on real device built with github actions

I’m trying to install a ipa file on a real ios device using ideviceinstaller. The ipa file is built in github actions.
This is the error I get:

WARNING: could not locate iTunesMetadata.plist in archive!
WARNING: could not locate Payload/test.app/SC_Info/test.sinf in archive!
Copying 'test.ipa' to device... DONE.
Installing 'com.foo.test'
Install: CreatingStagingDirectory (5%)
Install: ExtractingPackage (15%)
Install: InspectingPackage (20%)
Install: TakingInstallLock (20%)
Install: PreflightingApplication (30%)
Install: InstallingEmbeddedProfile (30%)
Install: VerifyingApplication (40%)ERROR: Install failed. Got error "ApplicationVerificationFailed" with code 0xe8008015: Failed to verify code signature of /var/installd/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installd.staging/temp.fMexrr/extracted/Payload/test.app : 0xe8008015 (A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found.)

Any ideas how to fix this?

No idea what version of iOS or Xcode you are using. Maybe this will help:


I’m using Xcode Version 13.3.1 and iOS version 15.3

Ipa has developer signature. Before generating ipa file your phone UDID should be added into developer signature.
Ask your developer about it.

Also you can try install ipa manually yourselve on test phone.

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