Unable to interact with elements after switching to webview

Device: iOS 15.2 , iPhone 13 Real Device

Hi All,
I am trying to run my testcases on IOS real device.
I see when I click on login button in my application, it navigates to browser link to enter login credentials.
In my script I am switching context to webview here so that it access username and password ids to enter credentials, but it seems though it has switch the context successfully, it could able to find the inspected ids.

This behaviour is only happening in IOS real device, on simulator it is working perfectly.

Apart from that, same testScripts are also working fine on Android real devices and emulator.

So, it will be very helpful, if you can please tell me why it is happening only with IOS real device of BrowserStack. Do I have to configure something separately in order to resolve this issue?

appum_logs.txt (30.2 KB) test_runlogs.log (29.4 KB)

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Aleksei Do you have some inputs here? It would be very helpful! Thanks :slight_smile:

Ask ios devopers to check first if webView available for debug on real device

@Aleksei Do you think if it can be debuggable on IOS simulator, then there are chances they are not debuggable on real devices?

Because it was working for Android emulator, ios simulator, android real device but only it is not only working for IOS real device?

On Simulator it is debugabble by default.
Also check on phone