Unable to launch appium -> -bash: appium: command not found (appium 1.6.3 , xcode 8.1 , appium gui 1.5 )

Hi All,

unable to run appium through terminal, could you please share the steps to run a test case via xcuitest , also share sample code of setting capabilities.

Appium-doctor is saying “everything looks good”

I am getting “-bash: appium: command not found” while running appium through terminal.

configuration : appium 1.6.3 , xcode 8.1 , appium gui 1.5

Please help !

From the Terminal can you post what the following command display

which node
which appium

nod-bf2-mb-d549:etc sumit.kathuria$ which node
nod-bf2-mb-d549:etc sumit.kathuria$ which appium
nod-bf2-mb-d549:etc sumit.kathuria$

Which appium is giving no result

You need to install appium then.


Thanks :slight_smile:

How to perform scrolling ?. In Java

Do you have any idea how to launch appium inspector from command line.

CommandLine command = new CommandLine("/Users/"+strAutomationUser+"/.nvm/versions/node/v6.0.0/bin/node");
command.addArgument("–address", false);
command.addArgument("–port", false);
command.addArgument("-bp", false);
//command.addArgument("–full-reset", true);
command.addArgument("–no-reset", true);
DefaultExecuteResultHandler resultHandler = new DefaultExecuteResultHandler();
DefaultExecutor executor = new DefaultExecutor();
try {executor.execute(command, resultHandler);
Thread.sleep(7000);System.out.println(“Appium server started.”);}
catch (IOException e)
catch (InterruptedException e)