Unable to launch chrome browser version 101 on Android-13 emulator

./adb shell am start -n com.android.chrome/com.google.android.apps.chrome.Main -d “www.facebook.com
Starting: Intent { dat= cmp=com.android.chrome/com.google.android.apps.chrome.Main }
Error type 3
Error: Activity class {com.android.chrome/com.google.android.apps.chrome.Main} does not exist.

This is happening for chrome version 101.
Chrome version in use: 101 Stable Version
ADB version:
./adb version
Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.41
Version 33.0.3-8952118
Installed as /root/xxx/shared-tools/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb

whereas android.intent.action.VIEW is able to launch the browser:

./adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d https://www.facebook.com Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW dat=https://www.facebook.com/… }

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sadly this didn’t worked out for me.