Unable to launch Emulator through a batch file


I have made a batch file to launch my emulator. I have placed the file in my project.

The name of the emulator is correct. I have double checked that.

When I launch the bat file as an administrator it launches and the command runs and launches the emulator

The problem is that the bat file is not getting launched without manually running it as administrator

Appium v1.17.0
I am automating using android emulator on Windows

Can anybody guide me on - how to give permission to batch file for non-admin user in WIndows?

I am using Java for this

Runtime.getRuntime().exec(System.getProperty(“user.dir”)+ “\src\VishalEmulatorStarterNew.bat”);

Below are the contents of the batch file:
cd C:\Users\visha\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\emulator
emulator -avd VishalEmulator

Hi Vishal,
I’m also facing the same problem.
Did it work afterwards?

the same issue with appium -v 1.20.2