Unable to launch the app when running with capability Appium as automationName

Hi ,
On setting capability “automationName” to Selendroid, app launches perfectly but when I try to run the same with “automationName” to Appium it doesn;t launch the app.
I am running it on Android Version - 4.4.2.
On checking log cat I see this line of code keeps on executing:-
D/dalvikvm( 2549): GC_CONCURRENT freed 636K, 82% free 755K/4096K, paused 4ms+2ms, total 39ms

Please suggest.

First, if you want to run with Selendroid, do reset.sh --selendroid before. Otherwise just reset.sh.
Second, don’t provide automationName if you want to run with AppiumDriver. By default automationName is set to Appium.

Initially I had not set automationName capability as I wanted to run with Appium Driver but when it was not able to launch the app, I checked if I set automationName capability to Selendroid whether it works or not and it worked in the later case.
So it is not working when I am trying to launch with AppiumDriver.

Do you have more logs?

logcat.txt (496.4 KB)
Please find the attached logs .

Any help on this please.

I would like to look on Appium logs.

Log file I have already attached in earlier post.
Attaching her alsologcat.txt (496.4 KB)

I mean Appium logs, not device logs.

appiumlog.txt (19.5 KB)
Attached is the appium log,

Did you try to do reset?

What I should try to reset?

Execute reset.sh with needed parameters.

I am starting appium server with appium.exe , so do I need to do reset.sh even in that case?

I see. I am working with source code.
In your case you should clone appium repository, execute reset.sh and in Appium client point to cloned repository. I guess…