Unable to locate an element on twitter LoginPage in appium

I am trying to locate “Log In” on twitter loginpage using appium, but i see “Have an account already?Log In” is clubbed under one locator and as expected this locator is not accepting “tap” operation of appium desktop as well.

Therefore, I’m not unable to automate twitter logIn operation in appium.

Can someone please advise how to do the same?

@Priya_Khiwal you need tap on element left part. You cant locate only ‘Log in’ text with current implementation of Twitter app.

Oh! then tapping on left part also is of no use. It is not hyperlink, only “logIn” text is.

So, is there any way we can automate logIn here ?

@Priya_Khiwal did i understand it correcly: if you tap manually on login button - nothing will happen?

You should just follow same as you do manually.

Hello, I am facing the same issue. Could you please let me know if you found any workaroud for this?

An Kur, you need to not tap on the hyperlink, you need to tap on the element just before the hyperlink.

It might help if you sat down with the mobile developer writing the code, and have them explain layouts to you. It’s helpful to understand that some controls can be contained inside another clickable control, and sometimes visa versa. So having someone explain how UI’s get coded is going to help.

Alternately take a basic course online in how to program apps using the specific same framework used, for your target device. But that’s going to take more time.