Unable to locate element using @label

I’m running appium 1.6.3 on an iOS 10.2 device.

Using this inspector:

I can see this for the menu item I’d like to click on (Note: the Value is not defined):
Type: XCUIElementTypeOther
Accessibility Id: Show Settings
Label: Show Settings
Is Visible: true

In the xpath selector, I’m unable to find an xpath query that locates this element. These all do not work:

//XCUIElementTypeOther[@name=“Show Settings”]
//XCUIElementTypeOther[@label=“Show Settings”]
//[@name=“Show Settings”]
[@label=“Show Settings”]

Am I missing something here?

Use the below xpath and try locating the element,

//*[text()=‘Show Settings’]


Thanks for the idea! Tried it, but it also doesn’t work sadly.

Have you tried with contains() for xPath?

If not use “//*[contains(@label,‘Show Settings’)]”

That gets me a lot closer, it finds 9 elements including the one I want. I just need to find something unique about mine. Thanks for the help!