Unable to locate elements on Android 7 and above series

Hi Team,

I am also facing a likely problem with appium dmg (v1.8.1)
My script is working fine on Android version 6.0 (Moto) but the same script is not working on other devices like (Samsung Android 6.0.1 and Oneplus Android 7.1).
While going through the Appium logs I found that
The locator’s value and for few elements types are getting changed in Samsung and OnePlus.
eg (List is returning less number of elements also
In place of locator ‘text’ data is coming in ‘content-desc’,
few elements are not even present in OnePlus and Samsung but have locator and value defined in Moto).

Any suggestions for the workaround …or remedy for it …?

If you are using appium page factory pattern then simply use find all strategy. It will perform lookup for both the locator based on text and content-desc and perform action to the locator whichever is available.

@AndroidFindAll({@AndroidFindBy(someStrategy1), @AndroidFindBy(someStrategy2)})

Hi Harshitj,

Thanks for reverting so quick.

I have already used the same as a work around and have resolved some of my issues with it.
but for dynamic CTA’s click and storing list data with relative path (parent/child) this will not work as the Frame and Linear Layout are different in both the devices.
which agains bring the first issue in context.
Some objects are not even coming in samsung and oneplus with locator’s value and for few elements list order is changing.

Hi Team,

I am facing some issues in locating elements in a IOS native iPad application:
For clicking a button inside a frame, I am not able to locate that particular element in appium inspector. If I try to use locators for different areas of that button in my script, it shows an error in console saying “element could not be found”.
I tried switchTo.frame() also to locate the element but it didnt work.

Could you please help in solving the issue