Unable to locate the element using any of the locator stategies

Iam trying to get the list of the all the webelements whose text starts with MOBILE DEPOSIT.I tried with xpath,class,id,accessibility-id. none of them worked.

Interestingly i noticed that i wasnt even able to locate any of the element on the screen.

can some one please help me with this.

@pinky try with:

        List<MobileElement> elements1 = driver.findElements(MobileBy.id("transaction_details"));
        List<MobileElement> elements2 = driver.findElements(MobileBy.AndroidUIAutomator( "new UiSelector().textContains(\"MOBILE DEPOSIT\")"));
        System.out.println("elements1 size: " + elements1.size());
        System.out.println("elements2 size: " + elements2.size());

[quote=“Aleksei, post:2, topic:25083”]
MobileBy.AndroidUIAutomator( “new UiSelector().textContains(“MOBILE DEPOSIT”)”)

Tried that…size of both the lists are zero.

elements1 size :0
elements2 size :0

Try creating Xpath with ClassName and contains text to get the list of elements.

@pinky when you reach programmatically in code this screen try add wait 3-5sec and then get page source with:


check that you are are able to see your elements with needed text.

Tried that too…but list size is zero.

I added wait and got the pagesource
i am not seeing any of the elements displayed on the screen in the page source.

What you see? Can you share it at gist.com ?

We can see signOff dialog here. You do no see it on screen?

Whenever there is no activity on the page for few mins, signoff popup appears. As i gave long wait and none of the activity happened on the screen, signoff popup appeared…its not part of the screen shown above…