Unable to locate the elements, what ever i do the elements are not change and page source stay the same

hey ,
i’m trying to automate android smart TV , success connection to the TV but i can’t locate the elements, always i have same number of elements, and nothing changes in the source of the page, i checked it with youtube app also ( which all android TVs have it) same, there is no locators, no elements to the apps.
i don’t know if i did something wrong in my installation

that the app source i get, as you see in the screenshot, i think it’s expected to have more elements in the page source.
maybe i did something wrong in the installation?
can any one help me or have any suggested idea what i can do ? i can’t automate it for now
appium version ; 1.18.0
it’s read device - Sony smart tv ( same thing with TV emulator)
thank you