Unable to populate activity and app package name on real device

unable to populate activity and app package name when real device is connected, although i gave correct configurations to system and user variables, am strucking this prblm from one month please help me

What does your set up code look like? Does your device have developer settings enabled? Is the host machine you’re connecting the device to authorized to use ADB?

What do Appium’s logs say?

yes i enabled developer settings also, i have my app in my mobile , am able to pull my apk but when i choose my apk–> unable to populate activity and package, i uploaded screenshots u may can understand

Have you tried removing the check on the “Package” option? If you look at the command tries to run with the current configuration, it says

node.exe ... --app C:\Users\ammu\base.apk --app-pkg --pre-launch ...

Appium can accept the --app option, which will not require the --app-pkg nor the --app-activity option. Alternatively, if the app is pre-installed on the device, you can ignore the --app option and instead specify the --app-pkg and --app-activity option.

Basically, you get to choose between (–app) and (–app-pkg, --app-activity). The two sets of options should be treated as mutually exclusive.

You need to add build tools in your env. vars which will be similar to /sdk/build-tools/19.1.0
Appium uses aapt dump badging to read the application’s manifest file and gets the package name and launchable activity.
P.S. You may need to restart your machine.

still not working…can you help in other way