Unable to press menu key while in browser


Which generally helps to generated key event for menu while on native as well hybrid apps,
But in browser ot working


info: [debug] Making http request with opts: {“url”:“",“method”:“POST”,“json”:{"keycode”:82}}
info: [debug] Proxied response received with status 404: “unknown command: session/1d7904122d304ada1e8e4b2751c11128/appium/device/keyevent”
info: ← POST /wd/hub/session/1d7904122d304ada1e8e4b2751c11128/appium/device/keyevent 404 21.645 ms - 80

Within which context do you call sendKeyEvent method?

after opening facebook in browser > i wanted to book mark where in i need to click on menu key (here i needed keyevent) >but due to some port error or session i am unable to figure out. it gave me error

Try to do that within native context.

Can u please elaborate did not get u

What is your scenario, first of all? In order to sendKeyEvent you need to be within native context. Since you said that you opened facebook in browser, I assume you do some actions within web context…

1.Open Faccebook in browser
2.How to save it as book mark(Unable to generate the second image action with appium)

Please see screenshot


I suppose, your app has built in Facebook webview.
On the second screenshot you have native menu of browser, it is built in browser.

Facebook opened in browser . What app you are talking about?

Never mind. I got you wrong.
Which browser is that?

Use uiautomatorviewer to see, what locators your menu button has.
Example for Chrome 40.x.xxx version on Ruby:
within native context call next function:

app_driver.find_element(:uiautomator, 'new UiSelector().description("More options")')