Unable to read android element


For some screen of my AUT I’m getting "Error obtaining UI hierarchyError while obtaining UI hierarchy XML file: com.android.ddmlib.SyncException: Remote object doesn’t exist!"

Is it because developer of the app had made some kind of restriction for this page? Or there is any workaround to access it?

NOTE: While reading the elements appium server is not running.

I see this error most when using uiautomator on a screen with animations. The workaround I use is to dump the page source from within appium.

How can we do that? Can you tell the steps?
I m using windows machine

Within your appium code, there is a command to dump the page source. In Ruby, it is get_source. Save that to a file and you can examine the xml layout to find the elements you are looking for.

Thanks a lot man! Great workaround…