Unable to run tests from command line

Appium beginner here, having an issue getting tests to run from the command line (setting my tests up to run on a CI machine), I used Cucumber and Ruby to write my tests in IntelliJ, and I am able to get them running from my IDE, no problems, BUT when I attempt to run them from the command line (navigating to directory containing features folder and calling cucumber) I get this massive error

Loading /Users/tsherm/Development/Automation/sample-code/sample-code/examples/ruby/cucumber_ios/features/support/appium.txt stack level too deep (SystemStackError) /Users/tsherm/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.0/gems/awesome_print-1.6.1/lib/awesome_print/ext/ostruct.rb:14:incast_with_ostruct’`

repeating about 1000 times. It looks very simular but not identical to this issue report:

however I am running the latest version of awesome_print(1.6.1) and appium_lib (6.0.0)
Any help or input would be massively appreciated!

problem solved - for anyone else encountering this issue, make sure your system is actually using appium_lib 6.0.0, I had previously installed the 3.0.0 version as well and my system was confused as to which gem to access.

I use bundler for all ruby projects and I check in my Gemfile.lock into git