Unable to scroll on appium 1.7.1

I’m new to appium and below is my code snippet to scroll down which is failing. I have hardcoded the x and y co-ordinates to see if it works.

TouchAction touchAction = new TouchAction(driver);
touchAction.longPress(PointOption.point(120, 500)).
moveTo(PointOption.point(120, 50)).release().perform();

When I run it i see logs as attached apmlogs.txt (6.5 KB)

Appium server: 1.7.1
Java_client: 6.1.0

Any suggesions would be really helpful.

Recommended would be to update the Appium client to the latest version.
Java client to 7.0 as well.

Thank you @Zuzeac. It worked. I’m now able to scroll with Java client 7.0 and latest appium 1.11.1.