Unable to Scroll the seekbar


Unable to automate this seekbar feature . I should drag this seekbar to some %. Working on Android device.

HTML for referance:

Please help me to automate this feature. I am using corejava, appium and selenium to write code. Please help me with a code to automate the functionality.

I think you need some kind of TouchAction. Take a look at this:


Thanks Wreed for your reply. Yes i have tried couple of methods using Touch Actions, but did not work . Below is the code:

public void testSeekbar(){

	//Get Start co-ordinate of seek bar
	int start = seek_Bar.getLocation().getX();
	// Get Location of seekbar vertically
	int y = seek_Bar.getLocation().getY();
	// Get Width of Seek Bar
	int end = seek_Bar.getSize().getWidth();
	// Create object of Touch Actions class
	TouchAction action = new TouchAction(driver);
	// Move it till end
	action.longPress(start, y).moveTo(end, y).release().perform();
	//action.press(start, y).moveTo(end, y).release().perform();

Second one:

Dimension dim = seekbar16.getSize();
int height = dim.getHeight();
int width = dim.getWidth();
int x = width/2;
int top_y = (int)(height0.80);
int bottom_y = (int)(height
System.out.println(“coordinates :” + x + " "+ top_y + " "+ bottom_y);
driver.swipe(x, top_y, x, bottom_y, 5000);
TouchAction ts = new TouchAction(driver);
ts.press(x, top_y).moveTo(x, bottom_y).release().perform();

None of them is working for me.

I have just done this using this method in the below thread:

Hopefully it works as smoothly for you as it did for me.

I don’t have element id as seekbar, so i am unable to find the element. I have given the html content for seek bar, can u please tell me how to find it with the above html?