Unable to scroll to a element that is not visible directly on the screen of our app built using ReactNative

Hi Experts,

I am quite new to using Appium and I am trying to automate our app built using ReactNative. I have tried to read through other posts in relation this and tried different solutions given, but all in vain.

Please could some one help with any options or solutions?

I am using Ruby with Appium.

Problem Statement: There are 5 tiles on a page and by default the first 2 appears, while on scroll upwards, the remaining tiles appear. My requirement is to click on the 5th tile that is initially hidden and upon scrolling it appears, which then takes me to another page on click of it.

Options Tried:
scroll_to and scroll_to_text and have viewed other options

Each Tile has the below properties
text: (say: Subsidy Calculator)
Resource-id: Null
class: android.widget.TextView
enabled: true

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 4.14.37 PM