Unable to "See" ResourceIDs When Inspecting Android Mobile App Reliably

When we connect to our Android Mobile app using Samsung Galaxy S22 (any model) with both Android 12 or Android 13, we observe that sometimes we can see the “ResourceID” property of our objects and other times, we cannot. It appears that if we connect to our app 10 times, maybe 6 times we will see the Resource IDs, and 4 times we will not.

I should also mention that this is a React JS app, version 17.0.1, We use the following in our framework:


On the device end (i.e.appium server) is 1.22.2

Has anyone experienced this or has an idea of how to get the Inspector to reliably and consistently see the ResourceIDs? It will always show the XPath but we are trying not to use that method of object identification. We are not changing our app version, the device type, or the Java version but we are still seeing inconsistencies each time we inspect the app.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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