Unable to turn on google chrome security toggle button

In my native mobile app I have a feature to enable accessibility setting so that chrome gets access to my app, when I enable the setting in my app manually, in any emulator (os 10,11), it gets turned on. But same when i try with appium, it DOES NOT get turned ON.

There is no issue in identifying the object by appium, that works fine.Just that there is a toggle button named Goolge Chrome security, when i toggle it ON and go back to Home page and come back again to settings tab in my app, it automatically gets toggled OFF.

I found about this capability (disableSuppressAccessibilityService) that would allow accessibility settings to work , but the problem now that i am facing is, when i set this accessibility setting to turn on Google Chrome settings in my app, and after i switch to Chrome and when i come back to my app, that setting is no longer present. Please help.