Unable to type text in input fields

I am using Appium to test my hybrid app. Currently, I am writing tests for android.
For that, I am using -
WD - client library.
nodejs - test env.

Here is the code which i am using to enter text into email field.

"use strict";


var wd = require("wd"),
  _ = require('underscore'),
  serverConfigs = require('./helpers/appium-servers');

describe("android simple", function () {
  var driver;
  var allPassed = true;

  before(function () {
    var serverConfig = serverConfigs.local;
    driver = wd.promiseChainRemote(serverConfig);

    var desired = _.clone(require("./helpers/caps").android19);
    desired.app = require("./helpers/apps").androidApiDemos;
    return driver

  afterEach(function () {
    allPassed = allPassed && this.currentTest.state === 'passed';
    return driver.quit();

  it("should insert email and password", async function () {
    let contextNames = await driver.contexts();

    await driver.context(contextNames[1]);

    await driver.element("id", "email").type("[email protected]");


And i am getting the error

Error: [element.type("[email protected]")] Error response status: 60 Selenium error: element not interactable

Please suggest.
What should i do ?