Unable to work on drag and drop in iOS on appium 1.6


I updated appium to latest version(1.6.3) and now I am unable to operate drag and drop operation.

my code

touchactions a = new touchaction(driver);

After reading some posts I worked with this code but same thing happening

Can anyone help me on this ASAP.

My error

2017-01-11 02:19:20:061 - info: [Appium] Welcome to Appium v1.6.3
2017-01-11 02:19:20:063 - info: [Appium] Non-default server args:
2017-01-11 02:19:20:065 - info: [Appium] port: 63497
2017-01-11 02:28:19:060 - info: [debug] [iProxy] recv failed: Resource temporarily unavailable
2017-01-11 02:28:19:060 - info: [debug] [iProxy] recv failed: Operation not permitted

Yes, I encountered the same issue, it said it is not implemented. I’m also wondering how to drag and drop at XCUITEST in Appium.

Can anyone help on it? How to drag and drop at appium 1.6 in ios. I use the TouchAction class too.


Hei man, finally, I found the anwser here, please take a look at:

Have a good day.


with Android i am happy with swipe e.g.:

((AndroidDriver) driver).swipe(start.getX(), start.getY(), end.getX(), end.getY(), 500);

inside swipe i see appium code is:

(new TouchAction(this)).press(startx, starty).waitAction(duration).moveTo(endx, endy).release().perform();

thanks for response
I didn’t get any answer for seeing this, if you can please provide me.


Thanks for response

Can you please provide this answer can you use swipe method for drag and drop as well.
Please reply ASAP

as i mentioned i use it. i use swipe as drag and drop.