UnsupportedCommandException: Unhandled endpoint error displayed when performing touch operations

Touch action class was working fine for me before but when i was running the code i am facing the below mentioned error

UnsupportedCommandException: Unhandled endpoint

I even tried it after uninstalling the webdriver agent and also clearing xcode cache.
But the still the result was same

TouchAction tapBreadcrumb = new TouchAction(driver);
tapBreadcrumb.tap(PointOption.point(20, 20)).perform().release();

I was able to resolve this issue by degrading the Webdriver agent to lower version instead of the latest version.

The tap functionality is removed in the latest version

you can upgrade both appium server and your client and use the Actions API instead.
just choose one…
to read:

to watch:

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Thank you ill look into this

@manoj_a I am also facing this error after upgrading from Appium V1 to V2.

Can you let us know which Webdriver agent version you are using

Also io.appium.java-client versions