Unwrap a WebElement from its proxy instance - java POM

Hi, I am using POM with java-client. I want to wait for an element to be stale so I can have a much better test flow and indication to when I change screens or views…
if I locate the the element with ‘By’ instance I get the webElement with its reference so I can execute wait.until(stalenessOf(myWebElementInstance));
and avoid ‘staleElementReferenceException’
but, because I use POM I locate all my elements with annotations and in reality, each ‘WebElement’ is rapped with a lazy proxy.
in order to get the WebElement beneath, I need to ‘unwrap’ the proxy.
if I use Appium’s ‘Widget’ class, I can call the ‘getWrappedElement()’ method and get the referenced WebElement but, the problem is when I want to unwrap the WebElement(which doesn’t extend the Widget class) from the proxy.
I looked on the java-client code and saw that when the proxy is being created it is actually implements seleniums’ ‘WrapsElement’ interface, I tried to use some castings and even some static ‘Proxy’ class methods but without any success. does any one know can I unwrap the WebElement from its proxy instance so I can wait for it to become stale?

Thanks ahead for every one, if someone thinks there is a better way to achieve the ‘right’ test flow using POM I would glad to hear.