Update Path Tests: Update new version of app without deleting previous version of app

I am currently looking into the particular test scenarios summarized below:

  1. Install previous version of app and navigate through the app. (The location of this test file could be hardcoded)
  2. Send app in background.
  3. Update this previous version of app with a newest version of app. (the actual problem starts here).
    In step 3, if I am not using Resetapp flag in desired caps then, running the tests that i want to run on new build, then the tests are being run on older version of app itself. But, if I use resetApp flag to TRUE, then instead of updating the build, the driver is deleting the older version of app and install a new version.

Can some one help me to automate this scenario or throw some light. I have already checked different posts and need some ideas to build test script for this.

Thanks and Regards

I’m assuming that you are using android application.
This can be done if the both version of application has same package name because thats how the android os keeps track of the application installed. You will need to change the package name if you want to achieve this. Here is a discussion about it.