Updated to 1.15.0 and iOS 13.1 and tests became too slow

Hi guys, recently iOS 13 was released, so to launch my tests I’ve updated Appium to 1.15.0. Since that time my tests became too slow, especially during the tap, sometimes tap on element can take 4-5 minutes! Do you have any suggestion how I can improve code to increase speed of my tests? I’m launching tests on 3 real iPhones (iPhone 7, iPhone6, iPhoneX). Thanks.

H, how did you install WebDriverAgent on your devices from appium 1.15.0. I don’t see it anywhere…which documentation did you follow?

Hi, yes I’ve done everything I did before regarding this documentation: http://appium.io/docs/en/drivers/ios-xcuitest-real-devices/

Also, I’ve found that it is impossible to get external applications id, if you launch your application in background they won’t be present…

I am also experiencing slow performance. appium 1.15 iOS 13 iPhone X simulator

Anyone found anything yet ? My test suite (iOS 13 appium 1.15.0 ) is now almost doubling in execution time

e.g: The “tap” action is now take around 2-3s per “tap”. Before(appium 1.14.0 ios 12.4) “tap” take around 500-700 ms