updateWDABundleId - Appium does not recognize this capability


I am trying to follow the instruction on how to setup Appium XCUITest Driver on a real device.
Since I am using a free developer account from Apple, I had to do the Basic (manual) configuration first before continuing with the Basic (automatic) configuration.
In the instruction, it is clearly stated that

At this point you have a valid provisioning profile. Make note of the bundle id you associated with it, and add that in the updatedWDABundleId desired capability for your tests

However, from server logs, it is saying that it does not recognize the updateWDABundleId. Is the instruction on the document outdated ? or is it something that I am missing ?

My iphone is running ios 13.2 and I have the latest appium 1.15 installed


@Hoang-Minh try follow full manual config and use better ‘beta’ appium version. Also note if your device is 13.2.2 - it will work only with latest xCode installed (which appeared a few days ago).

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Thanks. I have figured out and resolved my issue.