Upload images before select it from gallery

Hey community, I need to test an image uploader on my native app, I need to select images from the gallery but I don’t know how to upload the photos on the device before running the test. I was trying to use .pushFie() but it didn’t work. has someone faced this challenge? can you provide me with an example?
I’m using Appium, TypeScript on Android

Mention platform. Ios, android, both …

Hey @Aleksei I’m using Android

Do you use own devices of some farm?

With own drvices maybe better add google account and sync test image accross all devices.

Hey Aleksei,
just an emulator when I run the test locally,
how can I add the google account? do you have any examples?

Try something like https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5151744/upload-picture-to-emulator-gallery