URLs to connect to server

Hello, i just want further clarification on how appium generates the URLs to connect to appium server?
I’ve tried all of them but only one URL works when i try to connect to the server from a remote machine. How are these URLs generated? i see atleast one is my IP but what about the others? any information would be helpful


You mean the loopback addresses? It’s a good thing to know about. Note that the loopback address is local only, can’t connect to it remotely:

No i dont believe its the loopback(well part of it is)
when you start the server it gives you the IP address of your machine to connect to the server(one is the loop back) but i’ve noticed theres this one address that starts with 130 and im able to connect to this from a remote machine. The problem i face is that this address keeps changing and i have to update my code to run the test every time i restart the appium server :confused:
its after this line where the URLs are provided:
You can provide the following URLs in your client code to connect to this server:

Appium server uses the broadcast interface by default. This means it listens on all network interfaces your machine has. The way these interfaces retrieve their ip addresses depends on your host and network settings.

Thanks Mykola for the response. The thing is the only server address that works is the one that starts with 130 and i dont know where thats coming from. ive tried to give the other URLS such as my IP but the remote machine is not able to connect to those and only connects to 130.
The command i run to start the server is appium --relaxed-security