Use Inspector while performing tests

hello everyone,
I’m trying to use appium inspector while performing test with appium on the same android device,
I tried to launch 2 servers on 2 different ports and it works perfectly fine as long as I don’t launch my tests.
When I launch the tests, the appium inspector stop updating and the appium server in charge of inspector throw timeout errors.
I use appium 2.0.0-beta 46 as it’s a requirement for my project and I cannot change this.
I saw in a fex places that I should be able to run two servers on the same device and perform inspector while running test but there is no error reports or clear tutorials on how it works…

Thanks for the help

I don’t know about fex places but this seems like a bad idea. What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Tests will run too fast to inspect on the fly.

Most people use inspector to identify elements, which they later use to write and run tests. That’s what I’d advise here. Why complicate things?

actually, I have timers on my test so I can debug while running tests. most of the time I use inspector alone. I won’t go into details but I’m only in charge of the QA and not the app itself and I have some screens that don’t stay, so I have to run the tests, stop the appium server when I’m in the good screen, run another server and connect inspector, which is way too long and my app switches to another screen.
the actual goal of this is to make some king of supervised end to end testing.

why not just print page source of screen instead in test code and check it output for any need?

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If so best option is probably to not use inspector for this. I think you will just make headaches for yourself.