Use of Accessibility ID, significance of Intent in Appium settings


  1. If anyone can explain what is accessibility ID? What does it do? How can we find element using that?
  2. What are Intents settings present in Appium GUI under Android Settings? What does they signify? Is they are used in Automation?

Any help is appreciated.


Anyone has the clue???

The accessibility ID is an attribute that an element may have in the View hierarchy. For Android tests, the accessibility ID is the “content-desc” attribute that you can see on some elements using the uiautomatorviewer (bundled with the Android SDK). I have not worked on iOS is a long time, but the last time I checked, the accessibility ID was the “label” attribute that was available on some views.

Android’s Intent system is the official way to send messages between application components and other applications. The default intents tells the Android system under test to launch the given application after the app is installed. Generally, you wouldn’t have to modify these, but if you do need to, ask your devs.

Thanks man for the information…

The details from afwang are located at under the Accessibility ID section if you want additional context.