Use webdriverAgent binary path rather than build everytime while using appium for ios device

Currently i need to build webdriverAgent each time i create a fresh setup of appium .
is there any desired capability that would use the path of a webdriveragent binary and install it rather than rebuilding it.

try --> usePrebuiltWDA: true

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Great.but which path would it refer to while picking the binary?

i think this one:-

can i customise the path?
my use case is i would create a wrapper on top of appium,only that framework needs to be installed by its users.
this .app would reside inside my framework as an app,and through desired capability this webdriver agent would be used while running ios Test cases.can that be achieved?

i don’t think we can specify custom path, instead of that you can copy your .app file on that location

I think “derivedDataPath” capability will help you change the location.