Using appium inspector (Android)

I want to use Inspector for its record&replay property but I don’t have an apk file, I test an application with its source code. Thus, I cannot select an apk file under ‘Android Settings’ of Appium. Can you help me how to use inspector to test application with source code?

Do you mean you build the project using Android Studio and test?

If it is yes, you can find the .apk on YourProject/app/buid/outputs/apk/<yourapp.apk> location

I build using Eclipse, is the location different ?

In eclipse right click on your project and in that menu select Android tools->Export signed Application package .

And In that appearing dialog follow the instructions.

Thanks , All the bast.

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  1. Appium does not need nor require your application’s source code to let you run tests. Think of Appium as a tool for black-box level testing.
  2. Under Eclipse, the APK should be under the bin/ subdirectory of the project directory after building, IIRC.
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You should set package and activity of application in appium android settings.
Do not set app path.
Set checkbox: ‘no reset’

Also uncheck intent if it is selected:

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Thanks for your relpy. Now, I am able to connect Inspector but I cannot see record property. Is Appium Inspector Record Replay property still not supported by Windows?

Yes on windows we can’t record

Thanks for your reply @vivek978