Using Appium-IOS-Log from java client

I would like to detect IOS crashes with appium and I think the best way to do that is using appium-ios-log component (
However I couldnt find any proper documentation about appium-ios-log and how can we use it by appium java client
Does anyone have any idea about that?


I think that what you are looking for is the flag to the server:

Flag	        Default	        Description
--show-ios-log 	false	        (IOS-only) if set, the iOS system log will be written to the console

For starting the appium server thats ok.
But how can I retrieve those crash logs with using appium java client. Is there any way to do that?

I did a little research on this as I mostly run locally, and thus the server flag works fine for me. But every thread I see on appium-ios-log seems to have your name on it. I haven’t tried implementing this, and I also don’t really understand the documentation. Maybe @jonahss can help with this?

How do you get crash logs from console.
I’ve enabled the showIosLog flag in the capabilities and I’m producing a crash on my test application but I cannot see in the appium console.
Is there anything else should I do?

any idea about the issue?

How can I see the crashlogs generated in real IOS device

Is it possible to use the index.js on /node_modules/appium-ios-log folder in my computer and then write an interpreter with java and access to both system and crash logs?
Or is there any other easy way to get real device crash logs