Using Appium with Emulators

Hello. I start using appium for automation and write some test with my phone.
But i need to use many devices. For this i want use emolators: 1) Nox or 2) Memu .
But i dont now how connect Appium with this emulators. May anybody help me to solve this problem?

Hi there,

You must do the followings:

  1. Run Nox

  2. Follow these instructions to enable Root mode, Developer Options, USB Debugging on Nox:

  3. Go to Nox installation folder\bin, run nox_adb devices to list nox vm info: there will be some thing like this1

  4. From Android sdk, run adb connect to have adb connect to Nox, if successfully then now you can run Appium against Nox
    Have fun,