Using Appium with iOS iphone

I need to control iphone device by pressing home or backbutton , open camera , some apps and so on.

Problem is i decided to use appium on MAC device which is connected to the iphone 7 .

So i am not testing my app , it is just the main services , apps installed in iphone 7.

Question : Is my approach right using appium ? and if so , do i need to pay 99 $ per year or i can use free developer account giving that i am only playing with the UI of iphone device NOT testing my developed application .

I tried to set some capabilities as udid , device name , platform and i have xcode 9 .

i keep getting error Xcode error 65 , xcode build failed ! I know it is signing issue but in my usecase can i use free apple account ?

By the way i could open camera of simulator ‘not real device’ with appium python script .


yes you can use the free account, check this video for the fix