Using AutomationName option in .NET client

For Appium 2.0 we need to set an appium:automationName capability. When I set this capability to espresso in the .Net client I get an error from the client saying:

There is already an option for the appium:automationName capability. Please use the AutomationName property instead

So I change the capability name from appium:automationName to AutomationName. Now I get an error from the server saying:

automationName can’t be blank

Am I missing something here or is this a bug?

The version I am using are:

.Net Client - 5.0.0 Beta
Appium Server - 2.0.0-beta23

You no longer add automationName as a capability, it is now the AutomationName property.

AppiumOptions options = new AppiumOptions();
options.AutomationName = "espresso";
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Thanks. Set the property and now it works.