Using only the Appium driver


So my situation is as follows:
I want to have an app running on android, which will be able to, say on a press of a button, execute some selenium(appium?) code with the aim of controlling a web page in a browser on the phone. I need this to automate some common tasks in the browser we have in our workflow. And I know it might sound like there are easier ways to achieve this (like doing this on a desktop), but for our specific situation this is the way to go, if possible.

So I have checked the Appium docs and they involve npm and python and what not, and from what I understand with such a setup you control your app/browser on the phone from your desktop/laptop.

So what I want to achieve is basically control one app (the browser) from another app on the Android phone. Is this doable? If so, how would I go about it? Can you link me to some resources?

Kind regards,