Using PageObject Widgets in connection with xpath

screen with list of items (UIATableCell on iOS, or ListView in Android).
I’m using page object pattern with page factory (Java client 4.0.0)

I’m trying to proceed this way: I created a class extending Widget (let me call it “ItemWidget” for reference) representing a single row in this list, and then in the page object I have a list of these “ItemWidget” widgets.

The problem:
I don’t have IDs and the same row has many different nested text views, so using ID or classname locations is not an option here and I need to rely on xpath.
But of course xpath has different index value for all cells in the list and I’ not sure how to combine this with Widgets.

Can someone share some examples about how to use Widgets in connection with xpath?

Thank you

EDIT 1 - code snippet

Widget class

    /** Class to represent a single row in a list */
   public class ShelfWidget extends Widget {

        	    	/** Item title */
        	    	private MobileElement title;

    		// etc..

Page class with list of widgets

/** Class to represent the screen with listview */
    	public class ListPage {

    	    	/** List of items currently visible (or partially visible) on the screen*/
    	    	@AndroidFindBy(id = "listview_layout")
    	    	private List<ShelfWidget> list;

    	    	public ProductListPage(AppiumDriver<MobileElement> driver) {
    	    	        PageFactory.initElements(new AppiumFieldDecorator(driver, new TimeOutDuration(DEFAULT_WAIT_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS, TimeUnit.SECONDS)), 	this);
		    	// etc..


Here the problem is that xpath like “//UIAStaticText[1]” (see “title” element inside Widget class) seems to be not working on IOS platform. I want to select the first occurrence of UIAStaticText inside any UIATableCell in the list.

Is there some documentation available ( i have not been able to find it) about how to use Widgets in connection with xpath?

Please provide the screenshot