Using send_keys in webview

Hi I testing a native app
Our login screen is through salesforce
On the app we have iframe with a screen on salesforce
When trying to get the username/password elment I get blocked because it webview and I can get ANY elements
how can I test it?
I cant continue testing without doing login
Need help…pleaseeeeeee

  1. Get all contexts on the login screen by
    Set contextNames = driver.getContextHandles();

  2. Yow will context like NATIVE_APP and webview_xyz.

  3. As you want to access webview elements switch to web view by giving above context id.

  4. Now use xpaths(any identifier) to find webelements and perform operation on them.

To find xpaths: you can connect your device to system and inspect the elements
e.g for android: open chrome brower and type chrome://inspect in address bar you will see the webpage which is launched in app.

@roey_syqe also ask dev to enable webViews in your app for debugging (only for test builds of cause)