Using web and mobile tests in the same TestNG

Hi, my plan is to run web and mobile tests in the same TestNG.
First, I want to run a web test using the @BeforeTest annotation (I thing the annotation can only be used once) to run the startup browser environment, and then run the main test on the web by doing the @Test annotation.
The other thing I want to happen is to execute a mobile test in the same TestNG. Before performing the main test for mobile device, it should start the android emulator using some annotation (@BeforeTest). I don’t think I can use @BeforeTest annotation anymore or maybe I’m wrong. After passing the mobile test, I want to go back to the web test again.
Basically, I want to combine web and mobile tests to run one after the other in the same TestNG using annotation.
Which annotation I should use to make it happen? Please, help me.