Using Xcode 7 instruments for app file which was build with xcode8

Hi ,

I haven’t moved to appium 1.6 yet , but the ap developers has already moved to Xcode 8 …

I was wondering if I still can use appium 1.5.3 with xcode 7 and the app was compiled with Xcode 8 and new Instrument


it is working :slight_smile: don’t worry. we have in same now. and now moving tests to XCTest logic.

Now I’ve switched to appium 1.6 but still have xcode 7.3.1 aside to xcode 8 on the same machine, I’ve tried to execute the test , and I see that appium uses old xcode’s instruments (7.3.1) and doesn’t use a new Xcode 8 , is it something I configure manually ?

i mean that on machine where we running tests we still have xCode 7.3 and appium 1.5.3 but build generated in xCode8.

ye , I’ve understood that :slight_smile:

Now it’s a new issue I’m trying to solve :slight_smile: , so I was thinking maybe you’ve tackled with it as well …