Verify HTTP Request gets fired from Android app

Trying to correct a test to do the following:

  1. Start App
  2. Click a button and wait for an HTTP request to get fired of to a server from the app

Assert: app sends the correct data out based on the response back from the server.

Building tests in Ruby with Cucumber

Seems simple but i was wondering if someone point me in the right direction? Thank you

add logging response in client and read client logs in test

Have done this successfully-

  1. Create a proxy server which can log/dump the API calls.
  2. Set the proxy in device pointing to the proxy server you have created.
  3. perform actions on the app, read the logs afterward and make assertions.

Had done differently, I had make my MAC as wifi router, and enabled tcpdump/wireshrk and captured traffic.

@pr4bh4sh, did u try with BMP??

@Priyank_Shah Nop, I used fiddler. I’m exploring wire shark, though.