Very slow test runs on iOS simulator

Hi, Please help me to find out the reason why the test runs on the iOS simulator became so slow.
This is the small test run logs.appium-server-logs .txt (109.7 KB)

What exactly is performing slow?
Is it possible that your app has a huge page source?
What happens if you run your test on a different OS version?


  1. I think this request with its response is performing slow: e.g. [WD Proxy] Proxying [GET /wd/hub/session/e463670d-afa9-48af-986c-d328664fc28a/element/232F0000-0000-0000-1FBE-000000000000/displayed] to [GET] with no body
  2. About huge page sours, don’t think so, this is a small app, with few elements on the page.
  3. I tried to run the tests on a different version of the iOS (even Xcode) and only on 15.0 the performance is good, on the upper versions it’s the same, very slow, but a few months ago I ran tests on the latest version and everything was fine, that’s why I’m confused about the reason, maybe it happened after updates, but not sure of which one.

Hi, experiencing the Appium iOS simulator running pretty slowly as well so wanted to reply and see if you ever found a solution.

I also have a pretty simple Storyboard setup so far. Just a few pages that each have a title, a text field, and a continue button. It takes about 10 seconds to perform each action (10 seconds to click the field, 10 seconds to clear, 10 seconds to type a short string, 10 seconds to click the continue button) which feels like an extreme amount of time given the simplicity of the app so far.

Try to play with appium:waitForIdleTimeout capability value. Also make make sure the application under test does not constantly block the event loop by, for example, running endless animations